Hydraulic Rotation Drum Stackers

Drum Stackers Machines

Drum Stacker Machines

For lifting, turning, mixing, emptying and transporting drums. Hydraulic cylinder with pipe breakage protection. Hydraulic lifting with the pedal.

Application: Drums are turned with a hand crank. 2 castors, 1 swivel castor with wheel stop, solid rubber wheels. The self-lubricating bushing in all pivot points to prolong the lifespan.For 200-liter steel drums with rolling hoops.For plastic and steel drums, Ø400-600mm.


TYPE Manual Lifter & Tilter Semi-Electric Lifter & Manual Tilter Semi-Electric Lifter & Hydraulic Tilter
Load Capacity (Kg) 500 500 500
Maximum height of drum bottom from ground (mm) 1150 1600/2600 1600
Wheel diameter x width Load wheel (mm) Dia.250x50 Dia.250x50 Dia.250x50
Wheel diameter x width Steering wheel (mm) Dia.150X50 Dia.200x50 Dia.200x50
Hydraulic Power Unit (kw)/volt Nil 1.6Kw/12V 1.6Kw/12V
Battery Nil 12V/130Ah 12V/180Ah
Lifting Speed (mm/sec) Nil 30 84